Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dear Diary: July Favourites

I never knew there was so much work involved when going from brunette to blonde. I was totally ignorant of toners and purple shampoos. Boots did a
3 for 2 so that's why I went for these three. I'd heard of the John Freida range but wasn't famour myself with the products. These have been amazing. I'm not exactly sure how they do it but they make a huge difference to my hair colour, getting rid of the yellow and brassy tones which plague my hair. I'll do a full review at some stage! 

I love making things. Loom bands are so addictive and easy to do.
I find it really therapeutic. Yes the bands cut off the circulation in my fingers after a while but it's so worth it!

I was never one for cakes or pie or anything too sweet really but I saw a recipe for a banana and coconut cream pie at the weekend and had to have a go.
In the end I used dairy free ice cream as my coconut cream was a bit of a failure. This is quite a sweet one even though I only used half of the sugar recommended!
I won't be having this very often as it is quite rich but boy did it taste good!
There wasn't any baking involved so that was a bonus!

Squats and regular kettlebells are my favourite discovery of 2014. I've a long way to go yet. I really need to work on my arm and core strength. I feel like such a weakling at times! I find Lidl great for workout gear although their sizing is a bit off at times but I can't fault the quality of their products.